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03 April 2011 @ 11:36 pm
Dianna Agron PSD  

Download: HERE

1. Please credit: [info]dirrtylady
2. Do not alter
3. Please comment if you take
4. Enjoy
Atenaisatenais_pala on April 4th, 2011 03:13 am (UTC)
I love those hot colours.
Thank you!
punkylanapunkylana on April 4th, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
bandcatbandcat on April 4th, 2011 09:18 am (UTC)
love these colorings thanks so much for the share
federal bureau of obsessionsxxsafixx on April 4th, 2011 02:24 pm (UTC)
Evelina: Diannabitche on April 4th, 2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
it's wonderful. ♥
thanks for the share. :))
M-Menamimenami_sama on April 4th, 2011 09:38 pm (UTC)

i liked it so so so much
really thnx for sharing ^_^
m e l i s s a ♫ into your g r a v i t ymixy101 on April 6th, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)
alli_152: little fingersalli_152 on April 6th, 2011 12:19 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing!
sothff on April 6th, 2011 12:46 pm (UTC)
I took it. Thanks !
Just another dayordinarysmile on April 7th, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
thanks so much! it's lovely
likeacliche: seul gi bluelikeacliche on April 8th, 2011 04:07 am (UTC)
I know the feeling about the comments >_< Happens to me too. But it's a beautiful coloring, thanks <3
runthistownx3runthistownx3 on April 8th, 2011 05:31 am (UTC)
Downloaded, thanks!
Carolohmyscherbatsky on April 8th, 2011 04:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing!
kaidik on April 9th, 2011 02:49 pm (UTC)
It's magnificent!
TY! :)
trapnetrapne on April 10th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
taking this one, it's lovely, girl!
jonaslove247jonaslove247 on April 10th, 2011 11:42 pm (UTC)
This is stunning!
Snagged the .psd, thank you! :D
nothinbutmammalnothinbutmammal on April 13th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)
looks really good, downloaded&will credit if using :)
Glasses, ashes, tongue-tiedharu_haru_21 on April 13th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
This is amazing!
I love the colours ^^
Thank you for sharing ♥
camilacamila12j on April 14th, 2011 07:20 am (UTC)
omg i love this is just what i was looking for <3
thank you so much bb<3
(Deleted comment)
Manu: thankssweetgirl7808 on April 16th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
Wonderful coloring! Thanks so much for sharing. ♥
eveybaneeveybane on April 16th, 2011 07:59 pm (UTC)
Stunning coloring! Thanks for the psd. :)
visssualizzzer on April 17th, 2011 02:03 pm (UTC)
Thanks, it seems really nice
b_split: castielb_split on April 18th, 2011 02:34 pm (UTC)
This is stunning!
Snagged the .psd, thank you!
.vaginasandwhich on April 19th, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)
thankkk you
lovely_isabella on May 14th, 2011 11:20 pm (UTC)
Gorgeous colors!))) Thank you for sharing ^^